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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. What is an optimal life span for a denture?

A. Depends on the fit and quality of the denture. Generally speaking five years if maintained well. 

Q. It seems that my denture is dull can't chow fibrous and very hard foods.

A.  Denture needs to be checked for it's fit specially if denture is soft tissue born. Loose and ill fitted dentures can't function properly. 

Q. Do I need to ever check my dentures or should I wait to an issue to arise?

A. Dentures should be treated like your car, if your car in not tuned it will break and cause more damage. Yes . you need to check your dentures annually for fit and function with your dental provider professional. 

Q. How do I clean my dentures and should I sleep with them or I remove them over night.

A. Mild detergent agent is best denture cleanser with use of a denture brush. To remove or to sleep with them is optional as long as you meet the condition. Generally we suggest you remove them over night. 

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